Officials: Start planning now for eclipse in April

April’s total eclipse of the sun is expected to bring a lot of visitors to our area which will mean traffic tie-ups and other logistical snarls. Local emergency officials are offering tips to businesses on what to expect that day.

The eclipse will pass through our area the afternoon of April 8th, and we will be in the path of totality, meaning the sun will be completely obscured while the moon passes in front of it. That is going to happen at 3:06 p.m. that afternoon in our area. Area communities will have some of the longest periods of total eclipse in Indiana that day, with Franklin at 4 minutes and two seconds, Columbus at 3 minutes and 44 seconds and Greensburg at 3 minutes and 32 seconds and .

Because of the rarity of the solar phenomena, visitors are expected to flock to our area, temporarily doubling the size of our communities, according to the Bartholomew County Emergency Management Department. The agency sent out a list of suggestions to local businesses through the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce this week saying that the influx is expected to begin on Friday, April 5th.

The agency warns that employees will likely be delayed that weekend as they try to get to work, gas stations could see a surge in fuel sales and store stocks could get depleted by the crowds. You should start planning now as the event is just over 90 days away.

Those visitors are expected to start leaving after the last bit of the eclipse ends at 4:23 p.m. that Monday flooding local streets and roads.

Area communities are all making plans for eclipse-related activities and celebrations. You can get more information on Columbus event planning at

You can get more information on emergency management planning at 812-379-1680.

The next total solar eclipse won’t happen in Indiana again until April 2044.

You can download the Bartholomew County Emergency Management solar eclipse information sheet here: