Pence says “crackpot lawyers” misled President Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence says he’s ready to take on his former boss in the first Republican presidential debate.

While in Iowa campaigning, the Columbus native told The Hill newspaper that he’s “been preparing for this debate my whole life,” saying he’s spent his life in the conservative movement. It’s still unclear if Pence will actually be sharing the stage with former President Trump, who has yet to say whether he’ll participate in the debate in Milwaukee on August 23rd.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Pence says his former boss got bad advice from “a group of crackpot lawyers” about the vice president’s role in counting electoral votes. Pence suggested the lawyers were simply telling the former president what he wanted to hear. Pence also blamed Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for allowing those lawyers in the Oval Office, adding they shouldn’t have even been allowed on the White House grounds.

Story courtesy of TTWN Media Networks