Pence says entitlement programs have to be addressed

Former Vice President Mike Pence, a Columbus native, says programs like Social Security and Medicare have to be addressed.

Speaking to CNBC, Pence called for them to be examined in the long-term as he commended House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for not touching them during current debt ceiling negotiations. However, Pence said nobody in the nation’s capital wants to talk about entitlement programs like Medicare driving the debt crisis over the next quarter century. As for what changes he would make, Pence mentioned personal savings accounts.

The former Indiana governor defended the Trump-Pence administration not addressing entitlements during their time in office, saying they had to focus on the economy after the Obama years.

Pence also isn’t tipping his hand on whether he’ll run for President in 2024. Speaking with the network, all he would say is “I’ll keep you posted.”

Story courtesy of TTWN Media Networks Inc.