Pence: Trump endangered vice president’s family, U.S. Capitol

Former Indiana governor and vice president Mike Pence, a Columbus native, did not announce a run for president in an interview with ABC’ David Muir, which aired Monday night. But, he did express his anger about what went down on Jan. 6, 2021, when he and his family were rushed to a secure loading dock in the U.S. Capitol as rioters busted in, some shouting, “hang Mike Pence”.

“To see people smashing their way through windows, to see them assault police officers…it angered me. I was filled with an indignation,” he said.

Pence recalled his conversation that day with Pres. Trump, as he reminded the president he had no authority to return electoral votes to the states.

“The president became very irate on the phone. He said if that was true, he made a mistake five years ago,” said Pence.

The former VP was interviewed ahead of the release of his book, “So Help Me God”, a reference to the oath he and the president took to uphold the Constitution. Pence is not one to write a “tell all” book, preferring during the interview to stay away from speculation and conjecture, and to offer a meek demeanor when answering questions about moments when his life may have been in danger.

“We could hear the crowds outside the Capitol and when we began to move we could hear the crowds inside the Capitol,” he said. He and his wife and daughter and brother Greg, a member of Congress representing Indiana, were together in a room watching the attack go down on a small TV. Pence said even when his Secret Service agents, including his lead agent, insisted, he would not leave the Capitol.

“I stuck my finger in his chest and said, you’re not hearing me. I’m not leaving. I’m not giving those people the sight of a 16-car motorcade speeding away from the Capitol.”

When asked if he will run for president in 2024, Pence said he and his family are giving it prayerful consideration. When asked if he could beat Donald Trump, Pence said that’s best left to the American people. “But, I think we’ll have better choices in the future.”

Trump was expected to make an announcement about his intentions Tuesday.

Story courtesy of our news-gathering partners at Network Indiana.