Pence waiting for mid-terms for any presidential bid talk

Columbus native Mike Pence appears to be hinting at a possible run for the White House in 2024.

The former Vice President appeared at Georgetown University on Wednesday and was asked if he would vote for Trump in the next election. Pence said:

Pence reiterated that he has full confidence in the Republican party to choose the right candidate.

He also said that all of his focus has been on the midterm elections, but added, “after that, we’ll be thinking about the future.”

Pence has been visiting states that figure prominently into the presidential primaries including New Hampshire and Iowa.

Pence also says President Biden’s latest oil release is happening because his energy policies have failed.

Speaking after Biden announced another release from the nation’s oil reserves, Pence added gas prices aren’t high because of Russia’s war in Ukraine; rather, they’re high because Biden is engaged in a war on energy. Pence claimed he and former President Trump made America energy independent during their time office.

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