Phone scammer makes claims of outstanding warrant

Authorities are warning of a scam in our area where the scammer pretends to be with a local sheriff’s department while trying to get your personal information and money.

The Decatur County Sheriff’s Department says that someone has spoofed a call from their department, claiming to be a Sgt. Gary Miller and saying that there is a warrant out for the victim because they failed to appear for federal jury duty. The fake deputy is asking for personal information and demanding payment for the supposed arrest warrant.

The sheriff’s department warns that you should not provide your information or make a payment to the scammers. Instead, you should verify any caller’s information by contacting police directly from a number you find from a reputable source. The scammers can fake a Caller ID through the internet, making it appear that the call is coming from a legitimate source.

If you have any questions you should contact police in your community.