Phone scammers impersonating deputy, demanding payment

Local authorities are warning about a phone scam with the scammer pretending to be a sheriff’s deputy.

The Decatur County Sheriff’s Department says that residents have reported the phone calls from a person claming to be Sgt. William Hall with the department. The fake deputy is threatening that victimes must pay a bond amount or fees and that they must be paid through a phone app or Walmart.

The sheriff’s department says that the person is not a deputy and has no affiliation with the department.

Security experts say that deputies will never call and demand a payment. If you are wanted on a warrant you will be arrested and booked into the county jail. Any bonds are paid in cash and in person at the sheriff’s department. No legitimate agency will demand you pay in phone apps, gift cards, crypto currency or a money card system.

If you receive a call like this or have any questions, you are urged to contact your local sheriff’s department or police agency.