Police: Man admits to more than 30 thefts from Seymour store

Robert S. Rayborn. Photo courtesy of Jackson County Jail.

Seymour police have arrested a Louisville man who allegedly stole thousands of dollars in merchandise from Home Depot.

According to Seymour police reports, an asset protection manager at Home Depot called officers last week after spotting a man in the store who they believed had previously stolen items. When the man tried to leave the store with unpaid for items in a shopping cart, he was stopped by investigators.

Police say that he originally claimed to be his dead twin brother, but was identified as 54-year-old Robert S. Rayborn. During an interview with investigators, Rayborn admitted to several recent thefts from the store, that, along with the items he had just taken, totaled more than $4,000. A search of his vehicle revealed more than $700 in merchandise from a previous Home Depot theft, and items taken from other stores in Madison and Seymour.

Rayborn told police that he had stolen from Home Depot more than 30 times this year, and used the proceeds from his thefts to support a drug habit.

He was arrested on preliminary charges of theft, possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia and for trespassing. He also had outstanding warrants from Clark County, Kentucky and Ohio.