Police shoot dog after attack on landlady, rescuers

A Columbus police officer shot a dog after it attacked a landlady at her rental property Friday afternoon.

According to police reports, the landlady opened the gate into a yard at her property in the 2500 block of Pearl Street, not realizing that the tenant had two dogs there. The dogs pushed their way out and attacked the woman, including biting her twice on the neck. She was able to get into her vehicle to avoid the dogs.

When police arrived at about 12:45 p.m., they saw two people who had climbed into the back of a truck to avoid the dogs that were still running loose in the area. Officers tried to reach the woman in her car, but the dogs wouldn’t let them. Police talked the woman into backing her vehicle up to a nearby ambulance, so she could be treated and transported to Columbus Regional Hospital.

Animal control officers found one of the dogs in the back yard and captured it. The second dog was still roaming the area and began to lunge at the animal care workers. That’s when police shot the dog. It was taken to a local veterinarian for treatment.