REMCs warn of scammers trying to scare customers

Bartholomew and Jackson County REMCs are reporting that scammers are trying to trick you into paying them for a bill that you don’t actually owe.

The power companies are reporting that a few members have received calls claiming to be from REMC, demanding immediate payment of a past due bill or the power will be cut off. REMC stresses that the calls are not coming from the companies and REMC will not call and demand immediate payment from customers.

The Federal Trade Commission says the utility scams can target customers of power, water or gas utilities. The scammers goal is to make you nervous so that you will follow their instructions demanding immediate payment, usually through wiring money by Western Union or Moneygram, buying gift cards or pre-paid debit cards or even with cryptocurrency.

All of those methods are hard for authorities to track and it is almost impossible to recover your money once it is gone.

If you get such a call, you should hang up and call your utility company directly using the number on a recent bill or on the company’s website.

You should never wire money or buy gift cards to pay a bill. That is a payment method used exclusively by scammers.

You can call Jackson County REMC with any questions at 812-358-4458. You can reach Bartholomew County REMC at 812-372-2546