Republicans sweep Bartholomew County races

It was a good election night for Republican incumbents in Bartholomew County. All of the contested countywide races were won by the Republicans along with all four open seats on the County Council.

Incumbent Republicans Clerk Shari Lentz, Auditor Pia O’Connor, Recorder Tami Hines, Treasurer Barb Hackman, County Commissioner Carl Lienhoop and County Councilman Jorge Morales all won their races with more than 60 percent of the votes, along with Republican Councilman Mark Gorbett who won with 58 percent.

New Republican prosecutor Lindsey Holden-Kay, Sheriff Chris Lane and incumbent Circuit Court Judge Kelly Benjamin won their seats with no opposition.

Hackman won the only three-way contested race, defeating Democrat Jessica Hendry and independent Tom Heller to win reelection as county treasurer.

Unofficial vote totals:

Judge of the Circuit Court
(R) Kelly S. Benjamin 17,531 100.00%
Prosecuting Attorney 9th Circuit
(R) Lindsey Holden-Kay  16,910 100.00%
Circuit Court Clerk
(R) Shari J. Lentz 15, 161 68.06%
(D) Quisha Jackson 7,115 31.94%
County Auditor
(R) Pia O’Connor 14,833 66.80%
(D) Sharon K. Persley 7,371 33.20%
County Recorder
(R) Tami L. Hines 15,068 67.80%
(D) Jacob Thayer Lashley 7,155 32.20%
County Treasurer
(R) Barbara (Barb) J. Hackman 14409 64.44%
(D) Jessica Hendry 6,588 29.46%
(I) Thomas Heller 1,362 6.09%
County Sheriff
(R) Chris Lane 17,420 100.00%
County Assessor
(R) Ginny Whipple 17,080 100.00%
Co Commissioner District 2
(R) Carl H. Lienhoop 14,723 66.05%
(D) Christopher K. Sims 7,568 33.95%
County Council District 1
(R) Greg Patterson 3,619 70.16%
(D) Joshua (Shua) Cobb 1,539 29.84%
County Council District 2
(R) Leah Beyer 3,975 64.47%
(D) Paul Hoffman 2,191 35.53%
County Council District 3
(R) Mark E. Gorbett 2,610 58.05%
(D) Blake Wesley Fields 1,886 41.95%
County Council District 4
Jorge (George) Morales 4,428 68.65%(R) 
(D) Josh Burbrink 2,022 31.35%