Restaurant fire Saturday caused by bird’s nest, electrical wires

Columbus firefighters fought a small fire at Amazing Joe’s restaurant on Central Avenue Saturday morning.

According to the fire department, restaurant workers were preparing to open for lunch when they noticed smoke in the building. Columbus police officers were first on the scene and found smoke and flames visible above the main entrance to the building. All of the occupants were out of the building when firefighters arrived.

Firefighter found the blaze inside a parapet wall on the roof. Inside the building, firefighters put down tarps to protect the furnishings in the seating area, which limited water damage to a small area under the fire.

The fire was under control in less than 10 minutes. Investigators discovered a bird’s nest near an abandoned electrical line in the area of the fire. Investigators believe electrical arcing ignited combustible material, causing the fire. It has been ruled as accidental.

The restaurant was closed until repairs could be made and the Bartholomew County Health Department can conduct an inspection.

Photo courtesy of Columbus Fire Department.