Rural 25th Street to see new traffic warning device

Bartholomew County Commissioners will be testing a new warning system to protect drivers on rural 25th Street.

Commissioners President Tony London said there are a large number of accidents at the intersection of 25th Street and County Road 500E in the Petersville area. A study of the intersection by Purdue through a state program concluded that the county was already taking all of the required measures at the intersection, including a flashing red light for the north-south traffic. But local officials decided that was not enough.

The study alerted county officials to the possibility of a traffic conflict warning system. Radar units installed on the north and south side of the intersection would cause a flashing yellow light on 25th Street to warn drivers of traffic approaching the intersection. The system will be solar-powered. County Commissioner Larry Kleinhenz said the goal is to alert traffic driving 60 mph on 25th Street, that a car is entering from the side roads.

The commissioners agreed to purchase a system from Tapco Traffic Control company for just over $16,000 as an experiment to see if the traffic accidents can be decreased. County Engineer Danny Hollander said he approached several companies he found online offering similar systems, but Tapco was the only one to submit a proposal.