Scammers faking Homeland Security phone calls

Authorities are warning about a new phone scam hitting the area, where scammers record your responses to questions to access your accounts.

According to the Edinburgh Police Department, the scammers pretend to be with the Department of Homeland Security and ask if you are having any packages delivered and then other questions such as to verify your name, if needed. They are fishing for you to say the word “Yes” As soon as you say “Yes” to any question they will then hang up.

Once they have the recording of you saying “Yes” and your name, then can then use your own voice to access your online accounts.

The Department of Homeland Security warns you to be suspicious of telephone calls or emails claiming to be from DHS as scammers can fake caller ID information. The department says that it never makes outgoing calls from the numbers listed on its websites as contact numbers. If you receive a call, you should not provide any personal information.