Senior safety class for BCSC students expands to allow boys

Photo courtesy of Columbus Police Department.

A safety class on situational awareness for local high school seniors is expanding this year, adding a class for young men as well as women.

Sgt. Julie Quesenbery is a school resource officer and co-founder of the SAFE program, or Situational Awareness For Everyday.

She said the goal was to give advice to young women heading off into the real world after high school.

The course for girls is an all day event, with the first half of the day dedicated to situational awareness and the second involves hands on self-protection skills.

The boy’s class, SAFE – The Dude Version will be a half-day event. Deputy Teancum Clark, is a school resource officer and has been developing the course for the young men.

He said his goal was to communicate openly and freely with the young men who will be participating.

The first boy’s SAFE class will be held at Columbus East High School on Tuesday March 3rd, a girl’s course will be held March 4th at the school. A second girl’s class will be held at Columbus North High School on March 9th and a second boy’s class will also be held later this school year.

12th grade boys and girls from CSA New Tech, Columbus Christian School and Hauser High School are also invited to attend.

To sign up, forms are available at school guidance counselor offices