Seven more roads added to Bartholomew overlay efforts

Bartholomew County Highway Department is hoping to overlay seven more roads this year, out of money left over from last year’s Community Crossing Matching Grant program.

Approval for the money came from the state on Nov. 3rd and the county share will be just over $137 thousand dollars. Commissioner Tony London said the second, and smaller disbursement from the state fund, brings the county up to its $1 million dollar maximum match for last year’s grants. This money will not take the place of the regular road plan starting later this year, he said.

County Commissioners said that the seven roads on the plan include portions of N. 1050E, Baker Hollow, Southern Crossing, East 750N, West 400S, Deaver Road and 50W. Commissioners President Carl Lienhoop said the roads were left over from last year’s overlay plan and are all in bad shape.

The County Commissioners plan to open bids for the supplementary overlay program at their January 31st meeting.