Sex offender arrested, accused of violating registry rules

Richard Blocker. Photo courtesy of Jackson County Jail.

Jackson County deputies arrested a convicted sex offender in Brownstown over the weekend after finding the man was in violation of required restrictions for the sex offender registry.

According to Jackson County Sheriff’s Department reports, 49-year-old Richard Blocker called for help at his High Street residence in Brownstown after his girlfriend had fallen. But Blocker is a registered sex offender against children and that address violated restrictions that he could not live within 1,000 feet of a daycare, school or public park. The sheriff’s department says that address is close to Saint Peters Lutheran Daycare, Saint Peters Lutheran School, and Brownstown Central Middle and High schools.

Registered sex offenders are also required to report changes to their address within 72 hours of their move, which he had not done. He also violated requirements that he report changes to his phone number, vehicle registration, and employment, according to reports.

Blocker was arrested Friday on a preliminary charge of failing to register as a sex offender.

Sheriff Rick Meyer praised Lt. Adam Nicholson, who maintains the county’s sex offender registry. Meyer said the department “will continue to be vigilant in making sure the registered offenders living in Jackson County are accounted for.”