Seymour activating new light system for emergency vehicles

Seymour is activating a new system that will stop traffic signals on some busy streets when emergency vehicles approach the intersections.

According to an announcement from the city, the emergency traffic light preemption system will be in place along U.S. 50 or Tipton Street, and at two other intersections. When an emergency vehicle approaches a traffic light, the light will turn green for the emergency vehicle and red for other traffic.

Fire Chief Brad Lucas says the system will improve safety by reducing crashes between emergency vehicles and other drivers, as well as reduce response times in the city.

The city says indicator lights have also been installed at intersections along U.S. 50, at Broadway and Second streets and at Ewing and Sixth streets. Those will show a white light when an emergency vehicle is coming up behind you. If you see the constant white light you should move out of the way the best you can. If you see the flashing white light, you should stop until the emergency vehicles come through.

The preemption system will first be used with fire trucks, but other emergency vehicles will be added soon.