Seymour authorities shut down decaying hotel

The city of Seymour is shutting down a motel, citing unsafe building conditions.

According to the city government, a temporary emergency order was issued to close down the Knights Inn on Sandy Creek Drive. The emergency orders says that the property presents a clear and immediate hazard of death or serious bodily injury. The order is in place until a long list of deficiencies and code violations are repaired, and the building passes an inspection.

The Seymour Fire Department and Jackson County Health Department inspected the building in recent weeks and found dozens of state fire code violations and county housing code violations. Those ranged from missing or broken smoke detectors, no history of testing of sprinklers, fire alarms or hydrants, broken emergency exit lights and blocked or locked exit doors. Electrical problems including open junction boxes and wiring splices, extension cords being used as permanent wiring.

Health issues included mold and water damage, broken windows, lack of ventilation, filthy conditions, roaches, human waste on the floor, u backed up toilets and broken sinks.

The property, built in 1988, has 95 units and 40 people living in it. The city has contacted contacted the American Red Cross, Anchor House and other motels to relocate the residents.