Seymour High School locked down after reports of gun on campus

Seymour High School students and staff have been released from a hard lockdown after an incident earlier today involving a gun.

Seymour police responded to the school after reports of a student with a gun on campus. However, the police department stressed that this was not an active shooter situation. There were no incidents or injuries. All students and staff were safe and sheltered during the indecent, police say.

Seymour High School Principal Greg Prange said on social media:

“Collaborative efforts between SHS administration, SROs, Jackson County Emergency Management, Jackson County Sheriff department, Seymour Police department, Brownstown Police Department, and cooperative parents revealed the potential threat and the handling of the situation.

“At no time were any Seymour High School students, staff, or facilities in danger. Parents, please maintain open lines of communication with your teenagers. Our society has evolved to the point that any and every threat is taken seriously and we deal with them in a swift and definitive manner. We do not take any threat lightly and are very appreciative of students who “see something, say something.”

“We appreciate your help, understanding, patience, and prayers as we work as a team, with parents, to educate our youth.”

Police say the school is notifying parents when and how students will be released.