Seymour man accused of sending obscene videos to girl

Michael Alexander. Photo courtesy of Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department.

A Seymour man was arrested on obscenity charges with a minor he met through social media, despite being on house arrest and not being allowed to have a smart phone.

According to Jackson County Sheriff’s Department reports, community corrections officers were searching for 57-year-old Michael Alexander to discuss obscene images allegedly on his phone. Officers caught up to Alexander at a local store and he admitted to having social media accounts across multiple platforms and under different names. He also admitted to having contact with an underage girl, sending her inappropriate videos of himself, and receiving sexual photos from the adolescent. He claimed she reached out to him through a social media app.

Alexander was on house arrest after being charged with solicitation of a minor in Jennings County about three years ago. Part of the house arrest agreement barred him from owning a smart phone.

Alexander was arrested on charges of providing obscene material or pornography to minors and an obscene performance violation.