Seymour police cracking down on speeders during campaign

Seymour police are raising awareness of the dangers of speeding and cracking down on speeders as part of a statewide effort to make roads and streets safer.

According to the Seymour Police Department, police agencies across the state are taking part in the Speeding Slows You Down campaign and through the end of July officers will be on the lookout for speeding vehicles. The campaign is funded by the National Highway Traffic Administration through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

According to the institute, 290 people were killed by speeding in Indiana in 2022. Police say that speeding reduces your ability to steer safely around another vehicle, a hazardous object, or an unexpected curve.

Authorities are stressing that speed limits are the law and are posted for the safety of drivers and others. Since local roads are where most speeding-related crashes occur, that is where the campaign is focusing its efforts.