Seymour police urge drivers to park on correct side of streets

Seymour police are planning to crack down on drivers who park on the wrong side of the street. Police issued a message on social media that despite a photo of a line of cars parked on the wrong side, the drivers are actually in southern Indiana, not England.

According to the police department, it is illegal to park against the flow of traffic. The state code says if you are parking on the street your right side tires should be within 12 inches of the right side curb. Police say that you are making a dangerous maneuver, crossing the centerline and driving into oncoming traffic twice each time you park going the wrong direction. Parking the wrong direction is unpredictable and dangerous to other drivers, pedestrians and bikers who must navigate around your maneuvers.

Seymour police say a grace period is now in effect where officers will try to educate the public for 30 days. After that grace period ends, you will be issued warnings, but there will be no fines initially. If that doesn’t solve the problem, parking tickets will start being issued.

But police say that they would rather you keep your money and park correctly.