Seymour police warn of scam targeting grandparent

Seymour police are warning of a scam that led to a person dressed as if a police officer coming to a home to collect money from a victim.

According to the department, scammers called the victim, saying that a grandchild had been arrested and that the victim needed to pay a large amount of money to get them free. The victim withdrew the money from the bank and the scammer said that they could pick up the cash for another $45 fee. The scammer said that fee had to be paid with a credit card, so the victim gave them that number.

The victim was still on the phone with the scammer, when a person arrived dressed almost like a police officer to collect the cash. They were wearing a white surgical mass and driving a black or dark-colored vehicle.

Seymour police urge you to be alert to anyone calling demanding cash or credit card information. If you have any information on the incident, you can call the Seymour Police Department tip line at 812-523-7629.