Sheriff: Be careful as deer are on the move in Indiana

A local sheriff says you should be extra careful on area rural roads with the danger of deer collisions increasing during this time of the year.

Jennings County Sheriff Kenny Freeman says that there are more than 15,000 deer and vehicle collisions each year in Indiana, but the most dangerous months are between October and December during deer-mating season. Freeman says there has already been an increase in Jennings County incidents.

Freeman said the crashes not only damage vehicles and injure passengers, but they can also be deadly.

He offered several safety tips. You should be aware that deer are most active between sunset and sunrise, and they often travel in groups, so if you see one deer others could be in the area. You should be extra careful in wooded areas, hills and blind turns. You should use your high-beam headlights if there is no oncoming traffic. And if you see a deer you should slow down. He says deer can be unpredictable and suddenly change direction or dart into the roadway.

He said if you do hit a deer, you should realize that wounded deer can be dangerous. You should pull off the road, stay in your vehicle and call 911.