Sheriff: Highly potent drugs expected to cause dangers

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers is warning about an expected surge in highly potent drugs hitting the streets and associated overdose deaths.

In February, Myers attended a federal Homeland Security conference in Washington D.C. for county sheriffs and he said the upcoming danger was stressed there. As well as a recent letter from the DEA to federal, state and local law enforcement that warned of the danger of highly potent fentanyl and methamphetamine on its way from cartels.

The DEA warned that communities need to be aware of a possible surge in overdose deaths and even possible mass casualty events due to groups of people taking the drugs. ”

Myers said that you should make sure your family, friends and coworkers are OK. And to help them get the assistance they might need.

Myers said the incoming drugs are strong and “will grab you and swallow you up.”