Sheriff urges drivers to safely share roads with motorcycles

Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers is urging drivers to be on the alert for motorcycles as more bikers take to the roads in the warmer weather.

Myers said motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable drivers on the road. Motorcycles are smaller and easier to miss by other drivers. They move quickly and can blend in so they’re at a much higher risk for being in an accident.

He urges you to always check your blind spots and to be extra cautious when passing. You should stay in your lane and inform motorcyclists of your intentions to turn. And you should be aware of intersections as dangerous zones for motorcycles.

The sheriff says that motorcycles attract riders who are less risk-averse and less cautious than other drivers. Which means other drivers have to be extra cautious around them when driving.

He said that it is his hope that we can all share our roadways and keep Bartholomew County a safe place to enjoy the weather and the spring scenery.