Sheriff warns of dangers of farm equipment on local roads

Police are warning drivers to be careful on rural roads as farm equipment is moving about during harvest.

Jennings County Sheriff Kenny Freeman said that you will see large, slow-moving farm equipment on local highways and county roads. He said that tractors, combines and other equipment can be very dangerous to pass and that nearby drivers need to be extra vigilant.

He offered several tips including slowing down, staying a safe distance away and using caution when passing. Freeman urged drivers to use common sense and patience in the coming weeks.

Freeman also said that farmers should make sure that all of their equipment’s lighting is working and warning signs in place. They should also avoid moving equipment during the early morning and evening hours.

Drivers of slow-moving equipment are also required to move to the right if they are able, when there are three or more vehicles backed up behind them. That will allow drivers to more safely pass.

Photo courtesy of Jennings County Sheriff’s Department