Southeastern Indiana under air quality alerts Saturday

Parts of southeastern Indiana will be under an Air Quality Alert starting at midnight tonight and running through midnight Sunday.

The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management issued the warning because of expected high levels of ozone in the air.

Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects including trouble breathing. Those groups include the elderly, children, those with asthma or other breathing problems and those with lung and heart disease. If you are in those groups you should limit your outdoor activities Saturday to limit your exposure.

IDEM recommends that you take actions to lower ozone levels, including walking, biking, carpooling or using public transportation; avoid going through drive-throughs, if your vehicle is going to be idling for more than 30 seconds, shut it off; combine your errands into one trip; avoid refueling your vehicle or using gas-powered lawn equipment until after 7 p.m. Saturday night.

The warning includes Jefferson, Washington, Scott, Floyd, Clark, and Harrison counties in Indiana, along with Bullitt and Oldham counties in Kentucky.