State agencies urge you to alter travel plans during eclipse

State transportation officials are urging you to begin making plans now for how you will get around on April 8th during the total solar eclipse.

The Indiana State Police and Indiana Department of Transportation says that more than 4 million Hoosiers live in the path of totality, where the moon will completely obscure the sun that day. The track through Indiana stretches from Evansville, through our area all the way to Fort Wayne.

The centerline falls along communities like Bloomington, Seymour, Nashville, Columbus, Franklin and Greensburg. Hundreds of thousands of eclipse tourists are expected along that line.

State officials say that Increased traffic and congestion are expected as residents and tourists alike make their way to viewing destinations. If at all possible you should avoid travel during the eclipse. They suggest that if you have to be on the road during the eclipse, that you pack plenty of snacks and water, as well as charging cables for devices, as you could become stranded or stuck in traffic. To prepare, you should also make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas and top off fluids before you head out.

If you are on the road at the time of the eclipse, you should exit the roadway altogether to view the eclipse. Do not stop along highways or on the shoulder to view the solar event.

And do not take photos or videos while you are driving. They want to remind you that Indiana is a hands-free state for mobile devices and holding a phone or tablet while driving is against the law.

Other tips from the state agencies:

  • Do not wear eclipse glasses while driving.
  • Turn on your headlights. Do not rely on automatic lights.
  • Watch for pedestrians, especially along secondary roads.
  • If celebrating, ensure everyone has a safe and sober way to return home. Designate a sober driver or arrange for alternate transportation.
  • Exercise patience when leaving your viewing location as traffic may be heavy. Follow instructions from law enforcement or emergency personnel and be considerate of fellow drivers.
  • Stay put and stick around to avoid the post-event rush.

To plan your route and monitor traffic conditions you can check INDOT TrafficWise on the INDOT mobile app or go to