Storms leave power outages in their wake

Note: This story has been updated

The wave of strong thunderstorms that swept the the area last night left power out for many area residents.

Bartholomew County REMC had 1451 customers without power at about midnight with the largest number in the German Township area in the northwest corner, but also significant outages in Columbus and Flatrock Townships. That is now down to about six customers still without power in the county. Officials said that the large outage was caused by a transmission line issue that feeds power to the German substation. Crews had to find a way to reroute power.

Duke Energy reported more than 3,000 customers without power in the Columbus area, 118 in Greensburg and 167 in the Shelbyville area as of midnight. That is down to about 27 customers still out in the Waldron area.

Jackson County REMC reported 1,469 customers without power northwest of Freetown at midnight. Those have all been restored.