Test program allows for cameras in Indiana courts

Indiana has rules in place that prevent cameras from being used inside of an Indiana court room. But that could be changing.

The Indiana Supreme Court is launching a four-month trial period, where court proceedings will be streamed to the internet live. Initially the viewing will be limited to members of the media and at the discretion of the trial judge.

The Indiana Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits judges from allowing court proceedings to be broadcast. However under the pilot program, starting on Dec. 1st, five trial courts around the state would allow streaming from the courtroom, and even rebroadcasting with the approval of a judge.

Courtroom decorum must be maintained for the media coverage and are detailed in the order. Permission must be requested 48 hours in advance and be in writing on a court-provided form.

The broadcast pilot project was developed in conjunction with the Hoosier State Press Association and the Indiana Broadcasters Association under the direction of the Community Relations Committee and the Court Security Committee.