Toyota introducing new line of electric forklifts

Toyota Material Handling in Columbus is announcing a new line of electric forklifts.

According to the company, they will be building 48 volt and 80 volt versions of the pneumatic forklift with six different lifting capacities between 3,000 and 17,5000 thousand pounds. The line is being built to work outdoors including on various terrains and weather conditions. The company expects the forklifts to be used in lumberyards, home centers, landscaping and in store support roles.

Safety features in the new lines will include an active stability system, and systems that detect a driver is onboard and properly seated. A regenerative braking system and load-sensing power-steering system will work to increase battery life. The units will also have a slope-detecting system that adjusts power use to keep a constant speed.

The electric forklifts will be significantly quieter and have lower vibration along with greater energy efficiency.

Tony Miller, Toyota’s senior vice president of engineering, operations and strategic planning said that the new forklifts integrate “cutting-edge technologies and versatility across a wide range of tasks and terrains.”

Photo courtesy of Toyota Material Handling.