Troopers: Start planning early for April eclipse travel

Indiana State Police are suggesting that you start planning now on how you will get around during the April 8th solar eclipse.

According to state troopers, hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected in Indiana long the path of the total eclipse. The track through Indiana stretches from Evansville, through our area all the way to Fort Wayne. The centerline falls along communities like Bloomington, Seymour, Nashville, Columbus, Franklin and Greensburg.

The eclipse will start at around 1:30 and last through about 4:30 that Monday, with total darkness happening around 3:01 in the afternoon.

State police say that if you are planning to go to a special location to view the eclipse, that you research your viewing site and traffic conditions. You should also consider the expected crowd size and parking availability. On the way there and back you can expect increased traffic and congestion. You should make sure to pack plenty of snacks and water because you could be stranded there until traffic clears. Also, make sure to bring charging cables for your phones or other electronic devices.

Because you could be stuck in traffic for a long time, make sure you have a full tank of gas. You should avoid travel during the actual total darkness of the eclipse, which will last up to just over four minutes depending on your location. If you are on the road during the actual eclipse, exit the roadway to stop and view the event. Do not stop along highways or roads as you could obstruct already tangled traffic.

After the eclipse ends, authorities suggest that you stay put for a while to avoid the post-event rush. As you leave your eclipse viewing spot, you will need to have patience. And make sure to be considerate of other drivers.

To reduce traffic tie-ups, INDOT will be limiting road closures and restrictions where possible.. Oversize and overweight permits will also be temporarily suspended during the event.

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