Troopers urge safety during Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale

This is the weekend for the Great U.S. 50 yard sale, the 22nd annual event which encourages sales across the country on the highway, stretching from Maryland to California.

The sales will be taking place today through Sunday.

Indiana State Police are asking you to be careful if you are running a sale or just visiting them.

Sgt. Stephen Wheeles with the state police says there is potential for serious crashes, resulting in injuries.

He says drivers should keep their speeds down and be alert to hazards, such as pedestrians crossing the highway or walking along the route. If you are searching for a sale, he says you should make sure not to stop suddenly and keep a safe distance from vehicles ahead of you, as they may suddenly stop. And make sure you park in a safe spot, if you do find a sale you want to visit.

For those walking along the highway, Wheeles says that you should avoid crossing the road if you can. And he reminds you that vehicles going highway speeds can’t stop suddenly.

All of the sales are individually organized. If you are planning a sale, promoters remind you not to set up in the state right of way and don’t set up on private property without permission. Sites should allow for off-road parking. You should also make sure you follow all local laws.