Troopers warn of dangers from deer on roads

With the cooler temperatures and fall foliage on its way, Indiana State Police want to remind you of some of the hazards of autumn driving.

Troopers cite statistics from the Institute of Highway Safety, showing that autumn typically brings a sharp increase in the number of insurance claims involving animal collisions, most of those coming from deer. Those claims usually peak in November and decrease through December and January.

According to troopers, you should watch for deer crossing signs, as well as keep on higher alert around dusk and dawn, when deer are most active. If you do come upon an animal in the roadway, authorities say that you should not try to swerve to avoid the crash. You could swerve into the path of another vehicle, or even lose control and roll over.

Instead, brake firmly and stay in your lane.

State police also urge you to be on the lookout for wet leaves on the roadway, which can be as slippery as ice and snow.