Two accused of murder after man’s body found in Brown County home

Michael Hazelgrove. Photo courtesy of Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a murder after a man’s body was found wrapped in plastic in an area home.

Sheriff Scott Southerland told the Brown County Democrat newspaper that deputies received a call Monday asking officers to check a home in the 7000 block of Hicks Road. The caller said they heard that someone may have been killed in the home on Saturday.

Deputies went to the home and, in one of the bedrooms, found a man’s body wrapped in plastic.

An investigation led to the arrests of 54-year-old Michael Hazelgrove of Brown County and 36-year-old Alicia Bustle of Stanford, Ky. on Monday. Hazelgrove was arrested at the home and Bustle was arrested a few miles down the road in another residence the newspaper reports.

Alicia Bustle. Photo courtesy of Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

Bustle and Hazelgrove are facing preliminary charges of murder, obstruction of justice and assisting a criminal according to the newspaper. Bustle is also facing a charge of conversion.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon to identify the body and determine the cause of death.

You can read more at The Brown County Democrat newspaper