Voting steady in Bartholomew County; Polls close at 6 p.m.

Bartholomew County voting today has picked up as the threat of severe weather has tapered off.

Shari Lentz, the Bartholomew County Clerk, said that all of the county voting centers opened on time at 6 a.m. and there have been no major glitches today.

She said that as of early this afternoon, there had been more than 6,100 votes cast so far this primary election. That includes 2,877 votes cast at the county’s 13 vote centers today. Early voting that wrapped up at noon yesterday had 2,459 voters and there were 782 people who voted by mail. The travelling voting board numbers are still being tallied, Lentz said.

So far, the busiest vote centers were at Nexus Park, Donner Park and Westside Community Church.

If you still need to vote but want to avoid lines, Lentz suggested voting at the Governmental Office Building on Third Street, at the River of Living Water Christian Church on Brooks Street or at the German Township Fire Station on Main Street in Taylorsville.

Polling places are open until 6 tonight. You can listen to results as they come in live on the air here or on our website.