Water company makes plans to remove Seymour dam

Indiana American Water is making plans to remove the low-head dam on East Fork White River near its Seymour facility and wants your thoughts on the project.

The company announced that it will be holding a public hearing on the proposal to remove the dam on North County Road 760E and Reddington Road just north of the company’s water treatment plant. The dam spans the entire width of the river. The dam used to provide the water treatment plant with stable amounts of surface water for its Seymour system, but the plant now uses only groundwater.

The company says that removing the dam will improve safety in the river by getting rid of the recirculating currents that make low head dams dangerous. It will also also enhance habitat and biodiversity in the area.

The work is expected to begin this fall and to be completed late this year.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday at the Jackson County Learning Center at 323 Dupont Drive in Seymour. Representatives from Indiana American Water and the design contractor, Christopher B. Burke Engineering, will be on hand to provide details on the project and to answer questions.