Woman rescued from Seymour railroad overpass bridge

Seymour rescue workers were called out Saturday after a woman was stuck about 40 feet off the ground after climbing around safety barriers on a Burkart Boulevard railroad overpass.

According to Seymour Police Department, emergency workers were called to the new bridge after a woman, later identified as 33-year-old Rachel Adams of Seymour, climbed over a guardrail, around protective fencing, past warning signs and then onto a narrow ledge overlooking the railroad tracks. Once there, she couldn’t climb back out without risking a fall, police say. Authorities contacted the Louisville & Indiana Railroad to delay an incoming train, while Seymour firefighters drove a ladder truck onto a road alongside the railroad tracks.

Firefighters rescued Adams and once safe, she was arrested on a charge of criminal trespassing.

Authorities say there is a pedestrian pathway on the bridge. By ignoring the signs and circumventing the safety barriers, trespassers put not only themselves at risk but also rescue workers.

Photos courtesy of Seymour Police Department