Work to begin today on Columbus street repair project

You should see crews fixing Columbus city streets starting today. The city engineer’s office is announcing that the annual crack sealing and filling program is scheduled to start today, weather permitting.

According to the city, filling the cracks helps keep water from penetrating the pavement. That means fewer potholes and longer-lasting streets.

Work is set to begin on Rocky Ford Road and then move to other areas. Those include, in order:

  • Sawin Drive Taylor Road to 625 East of Boca Grande Blvd.
  • Lockerbie Drive 25th Street to Regency Drive
  • Tulip Drive Fairlawn Drive to Beech Drive
  • Beech Drive 29th Street to 31st Street
  • 26th Street – Taylor Road to Fairlawn Drive
  • Greenbriar Drive Rocky Ford Road to 3723 Greenbriar Drive
  • Monterey Drive High Vista Way to 3953 Greenbriar Drive
  • High View Way Rocky Ford Road to Sawin Drive
  • Premier Drive High Vista Drive to Monterey Drive
  • High Vista Drive High View Way to Greenbriar Drive
  • Sycamore Bend Marr Road to Sycamore Bend Way N

Upon completion of these streets, another media release will be sent out listing the remaining locations.

The day before the crews begin work in your area, the streets will be posted with no parking signs. You must have your vehicle moved by 8 in the morning of the work, or it will be towed.

Contractors from National Pavement Maintenance LLC will be doing the work in Columbus and the schedule calls for the project to be finished by June 1st.