BCSC parents protest to school board over masks, vaccine mandates

A contingent of parents turned out at this week’s Bartholomew Consolidated School board meeting to urge the school district to end COVID-19 restrictions for the upcoming school year.

The governor has given school officials, starting on July 1st, the mandate to make community-by-community decisions on what restrictions will be in place for the next school year.

The BCSC parents that spoke Monday night about the upcoming decisions were largely united in their desire to end the wearing of masks and not to require vaccines.

Parent Kelly Wheeler said that parents are responsible for their children’s health, safety and education. She talked about her family’s decision:

Parent Christy Stackhouse said that masks once made sense because at the time there were no other ways to protect from the disease.

Parent Megan Johnson pointed out that the state has school recommendations but said that ultimately it is a parent’s decision.

BCSC plans to make decisions for the 2021-22 school year at its July 19th meeting, according to school officials. Preliminary recommendations will be released the week of July 5th.