Bloomington man sentenced to prison in fentanyl case

A Bloomington man is being sentenced to 70 months in federal prison for distributing fentanyl from a source in California.

23-year-old Jacob Magness, was sentenced for possessing and distributing fentanyl and other controlled substances. The case began in November of 2021 when U.S. Postal inspectors found a suspicious package with a non-existent return address coming to Magness’ Bloomington residence. Indiana State Police searched the package and found it contained more than 210 grams of fentanyl pills, 110 grams of counterfeit Xanax pills, and 4 grams of LSD gel. A search of his home recovered more than $2,200 in cash, fentanyl pills, ecstasy pills, cocaine, 11 firearms, and high-capacity magazines.