IUPUC fast-track program to speed teacher cerfications

IUPUC is announcing a new program to fast-track those who already have a bachelor’s degree in obtaining their teaching certificate.

According to the school, the IUPUC Division of Education in partnership with IUPUI will be offering the fast-track teaching certificate starting this fall. You can complete the program with just 24 credits. And those who complete the program with a B or higher can apply 18 credits towards a masters degree in elementary education.

The District-Based Alternative Certification Program is made up of both in person and online classes.

Crystal Walcott, Head of the IUPUC Division of Education, said that once a license is granted, many secondary content area licenses can be added with only an assessment required. That means elementary education program graduates can teach K-12 with only one degree.

She said there are several graduates now teaching high school subjects such as language arts and math with the elementary education degree and content area licenses.

For more information go to iupuc.edu/education.