Brown County drug crisis film makes national PBS debut

A documentary film from Nashville is making its national debut on PBS stations across the country.

The Addict’s Wake produced by Glory Girl Productions of Nashville will be appearing on stations throughout August and September in time to coincide with National Overdose Awareness Month in August and National Recovery Month in September. It will be appearing on the PBS World Channel which reaches more than 120 public broadcasting stations across the country. The abridged version of the feature length film has been edited specifically for a national public-television audience.

The documentary focuses on the people of Brown County who have felt the effects of the addiction crisis. Producers say the film seeks to encourage communities to act and to find a pathway to hope and recovery.

Lisa Hall, the producer and president of Glory Girl Productions, said that while the film focuses on Nashville, the larger issue affects almost every community across the country.

The Addicts Wake received the Audience Choice Award at the Heartland International Film Festival, and won the Sedona International Film Festival’s Independent Spirit Award.

Locally, the film will be on at 9 p.m. Thursday night on WFYI.