Council control comes down to single vote win in District 1

Update: This story has been updated to include comments from Jerone Wood.

Democrats will take over Columbus City Council after a tight election, coming down to a one vote margin in the largely east Columbus council District 1.

Democrat Jerone Wood won that race by a single vote, 260-259 over incumbent Republican Dascal Bunch. Independent Michael Kinder, came in third place with 81 votes.

Wood said he was excited about the election results.

He said the seat on the council gives him the chance to move forward on his biggest local concerns — homelessness and drug addiction.

Bunch, who was running for his third term, said he was hampered from his previous door-to-door campaigning style because of illness.

Bunch said he has tried to be an advocate for the east side of the city and hopes improvement efforts continue there.

Bunch said he plans to file for a recount.

Wood said he was excited about the election results and unconcerned about a recount.

Bartholomew County Clerk Jay Phelps explains the recount process. Bunch has a two week window in which to file for a recount.

After that a judge will be randomly assigned who will set out the parameters of a recount.

Phelps said that his staff spent about an hour Tuesday night securing voting machines and other materials in anticipation of a recount.

In 2011, during Phelps first year in the clerk’s office, Frank Jerome won by a single vote and his opponent Greg Knoll called for a recount. The 1-vote margin was confirmed after the recount, Phelps said.