Democrats take two at-large seats on Columbus council

Democrats will hold both of the at-large seats on the Columbus City Council for the next four years.

Grace Kestler and Tom Dell won the races for the two at-large seats on the City Council, with 3,597 and 3,409 votes.

They defeated Republicans, incumbent Laurie Booher with 2,663, and Josh Burnett 3,339.

Kestler  said that she and other Democrats put in the hard work needed to win yesterday. Her campaign was in motion until the last vote could be found.

She said that she has learned a lot from her run for office and plans to keep that learning going when she takes office in January.

This was Kestler’s first fun for office and she said that she and other Democrats are bringing a new perspective to the council.

Dell said he was pleased to win re-election and to continue his work on the council:

He thanked the efforts of his supporters and other Democrats.

He said the key was being able to put together a Democratic slate of candidates that was appealing to voters.