Cummins signs agreement for hydrogen motors in India

Cummins is announcing the extension of a partnership that will provide hydrogen engines in India.

According to the Columbus-based engine manufacturer, Cummins and Tata Motors Limited have signed an agreement in Columbus recently, to produce low- to zero-emissions technology products in India over the next few years.

Tata Motors and Cummins have a joint venture Tata Cummins Private limited (TCPL) in India, established in 1993. The signing of the agreement is the next step forward from an announced memorandum of understanding signed in November to collaborate on the technology.

Cummins and Tata have set up a new business entity to focus on the development and manufacturing of sustainable technology products. Those will include hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines, fuel delivery systems, battery electric powertrains and fuel cell electric systems through the Accelera brand. The technologies will be integrated into on-highway and off-highway applications for domestic and international markets.

Cummins President and CEO Jennifer Rumsey said she was “delighted that we are embarking on this decarbonization journey with our trusted partner of 30 years.” She said the agreement unlocks new opportunities for innovation for Cummins employees around the world.

India will be one of the first markets to receive Cummins’ hydrogen engines.

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Photo courtesy of Cummins. Officials from Cummins Inc. and Tata Motors Limited sign an agreement to manufacture a range of low- to zero-emissions technology products in India.