Trump bid to silence Pence testimony blocked

A federal appeals court is rejecting an attempt from former President Trump to block former Vice President and Columbus native Mike Pence from testifying in front of a grand jury looking into Trump’s role in the January 6th riot.

The decision comes after Trump filed an emergency motion to block a decision from a lower court that ordered testimony from Pence. Trump is still able to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, but it is unknown if he will.

Pence visited the campus of University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill last night. He spoke to a large crowd of student supporters and detractors as part of his “Saving America from the Woke Left” tour. At the Carolina Union building, Pence talked about his opposition to transgender athletes participation in women’s sports, the national debt and his support for Ukraine.

The former VP hinted at a potential 2024 presidential run during a question-and-answer session saying, “I don’t have anything to announce tonight, but I’ll keep you posted.”

Pence is also criticizing Donald Trump’s position on social programs. In an interview with The Dispatch web site, Pence said Trump’s views on Social Security and Medicare were “identical” to President Biden’s. He accused Trump and Biden of insolvency by not taking action to address the impending disaster that’s expected for both programs within the decade.

Pence will be in Utah tomorrow for a lunch meeting with business and community leaders. Pence will reportedly be part of a round table discussion hosted by Utah Valley University’s Institute for Public Policy. The luncheon will not be open to the public.

Story courtesy of TTWN Media Networks Inc.