New awards to honor community heroes, leadership projects

Heritage Fund: The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County is announcing that nominations are now open for two new annual awards.

The awards were established by the estate of Donald W. & Catherine G. Jurgemeyer to honor a community hero and community leadership project. The couple were long-time Columbus residents with Donald Jurgemeyer, an attorney in the community for 29 years, serving as legal counsel for the community foundation in its early years. Catherine Jurgemeyer served as president of the Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation and chaired the American Bar Auxiliary and the Indiana Lawyers Auxiliary.

The Jurgemeyer Community Hero Award will recognize those who have performed life-saving measures, come to the aid of another or contributed to the safety, security and resiliency of our community. Nominees must be either a professional or volunteer serving in Bartholomew County as a law enforcement official, firefighter, first responder or in the medical or healthcare field. It will come with a $5,000 award will be presented.

The Jurgemeyer Community Leadership Project of the Year Award will recognize a project in the community that exemplifies the Columbus community leadership values. Nominees will be nonprofit organizations, volunteer groups, government entities, coalitions or businesses serving Bartholomew County. A $15,000 award will be presented.

The deadline for nominations is March 20th. You can get more information at heritage fund bc dot org.